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Artist | Student | Varied
Yay, I'm back again!

Character 1 - Alice

Character 2 - Damien

Character 3 - Declan

Character 4 - Artemis

Character 5 - Darcy

Character 6 - Dorado

If Character 1 and Character 2 were to fight, who would win?

Alice. Damien would never hit his daughter!

Alice: *punches Damien*

Damien: What?

Character 3 and Character 4 decide to leave the country together – where do they go?

Straight back to the country they just left.

Declan: *jumping on Darcy* I missed you!

Character 5 and Character 6 enter a drinking game – who wins?

Dorado, obviously. Darcy is awful at holding his liquor.

Darcy: Safe room is red but the floor dirty cold window wiping cats.

Character 1 and Character 5 are lost – whose fault is it?


Alice: *looking around dark forest* Maybe we should ask for directions.

Darcy: I’m a man! Men don’t ask for directions! *strikes pose*

Character 3 and Character 2 fall in-love. How did this happen?

Probably Declan’s fabulous seduction techniques.

Declan: HA! *knocks out Damien with wrench* You’re mine, bi-

Darcy: *knocks out Declan with punch* Stop it.

Character 6 and Character 2 are locked in a room together, what will inevitably happen between them?

Damien would die.

Dorado: *wielding chainsaw*

Between character 1 and Character 3, who has the worse temper?

Alice. She’s a b!tch when she’s mad. Then again, Declan can get pretty mad too.

Alice: I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU *throwing furniture at Blackbird*

Declan: *pouting* But WHYYYYYY, Darcy?

Darcy: Because I don't feel like it.

In a life and death situation, would Character 5 ever betray Character 2?


Darcy: Get off the fricking door, Rose. I’m freezing my ass off.

Damien: But I’m not Rose. And we’re in a fire, not water.


Who, between Character 4 and Character 6 would be more likely to be arrested for indecent exposure?

Dorado - he wears a jumpsuit but it would probably break after a while.

Artemis: That’s why I wear suits.

Dorado: *silently embarrassed*

Character 4 and Character 1 get into a bar brawl? How did it happen, and what do they do?

Artemis would have insulted Damien or Blackbird. Then Alice would have launched herself across the room and missed, before knocking herself unconscious on a chair.

Alice: You bastard...! *jumps out of chair*

Artemis: *sidesteps*

Alice: Asdfghjkl *asleep*

Character 5 and Character 3 are part of a squadron of Spies, one of them is a traitor – how would the other find out?

Declan would be the traitor, and he would inevitably say it in his sleep.

Declan: *asleep* Darcy...

Darcy: Mm?

Declan: I’m... a traitor...

Darcy: Wtf? *falls out of bed*

Character 4 and Character 6 are on TV, how did they get there and what are they doing?

They would be on the news for going on a killing spree in the city.

News Reporter: ... It is believed about twenty people died.

Character 2 is believed to be dead, how does Character 6 react?

He wouldn’t say anything. He would be the one responsible for Damien’s disappearance.

Dorado: ...

Rhia: Was it you?

Dorado: ...

Taq: Oh God, it was totally you.

Toxic: Not again, dammit!

Character 3 goes crazy and tries to kill Character 1, how do they go about it? And do they succeed?

Declan would just start punching her and never stop until her head was crushed. Or he would smother her with rainbow flags.

Declan: Die!

Alice: DudegetoffIcan’tbreathegoddamnit *flailing*

Character 5 is suddenly landed with a baby and appeals to Character 4 for help, how does Character 4 react?



Artemis: ... Your problem. Not mine.

Declan: A baby! How sweet! *sees vomit* KILL IT WITH FIRE

Character 1 goes to a haunted house and demands Character 6 comes with them. What happens?

Dorado kills all the ghosts.

Alice: Dorado, I’m not a ghost!

Dorado: *approaching with bloody chainsaw*

Alice: Dorado, I’m not a- ARGGHHHHHHHHH *dies horrifically*

Character 2 has been in a terrible accident, and it’s up to Character 4 to keep them alive. What was the accident, and how does this work out?

Damien has already been in a terrible accident. Artemis doesn’t care.

Damien: *choking to death on his own blood* Help... me...

Artemis: *reading a book*

Character 3 suffers a blow to head and loses all of their memory. Character 6 finds them – what happens?

Dorado would kill him where he stood.

Dorado: *lifting chainsaw*

Declan: I’m sorry, what did you say your name was again? *oblivious*

Character 5 has been acting strangely, disappearing on midnight expeditions, avoiding conversation and appeared distracted. Character 1 goes to investigate. What do they find?


Alice: I DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING *covering eyes*

Character 3 has been kidnapped by slave-traders, and only Character 4 and Character 2 can rescue them. How do they go about it?

Artemis wouldn’t care, Damien would attempt to save Declan and end up dying.

Declan: Help me!

Damien: Okay! *gets shot*

Character 5, Character 1 and Character 6 all share a common hatred – what is it?

Famé Belore.

Alice: *staring at Famé*

Dorado: *staring at Famé*

Alice: ... I hate him so much.

Dorado: *nodding*

Between Character 3, Character 6 and Character 2 who is more likely to lose their mind and go on a killing spree.

Declan if someone took Darcy, Damien if someone took Alice, and Dorado if he felt like it.

Declan: GIVE! HIM! BACK!

Damien: GIVE! HER! BACK!

Dorado: *silently chainsaws people*

Character 5 has been brain-washed into thinking they’re Character 1! How does Character 1 react?

So Darcy thinks he’s a girl?

Alice: You’re not a girl!

Declan: Nooooooooooo *crying his eyes out*

Aliens attack and Character 2 reveals themselves to be an android scout sent to help destroy the Universe. Can character 4 convince Character 2 to do otherwise?

To be honest, Alice would be WAY more upset.

Alice: Stop it! *clinging onto Damien’s foot*

Character 5 And Character 3 have sex, how does Character 1 react upon finding them?

The same as last time.

Alice: I DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING AGAIN *covering eyes again*

Character 4 and Character 6 decide to elope, how do Character 2 and Character 3 feel about this?

Oh God.

Damien: *confused* I thought they hated each other.

Declan: *throwing party* Woo! Celebration party!

Character 6 is caught stealing and put in jail, does Character 2 leave them there, or break them out?

Trust me, Dorado deserves to be in jail.

Damien: Dude, you killed like five thousand people.

Character 1, Character 3 and Character 5 form TEAM A, Character 2, Character 4 and Character 6 form TEAM B. They enter a series of Mini competitions.

There is an eating competition, which team members do TEAM A and TEAM B nominate? Who wins?

Team A nominates Darcy, Team B nominates a staff member (who might have had a knife held to his throat).

Darcy: Why me?!

Alice: I’d throw up.

Declan: You’re way taller than me, dude!

Staff Member: Help me...

Dorado: *death glaring*

TEAM A are given a foul when one of the team members tries to put laxatives in the other teams tea. Who was responsible?

Definitely Declan.

Declan: WASN’T ME. *putting packets in bin*

A TEAM B member and TEAM A member start consorting, who are they?

Damien and Alice would meet up to talk. Nothing else.

Damien: How are you?

Alice: Good.

*awkward silence accompanied by perfectly timed tumbleweed*

A TEAM A member throws a fight, so a TEAM B member can win, who would do that and why?

Alice throws one for Damien. She feels bad as the competition was involving close friends - Damien’s best friend is dead.

Alice: For you, dad.

Damien: *silent acknowledgment*

TEAM B are in the lead, but TEAM A gain several points in what kind of competition?

Hm. Do I want to say?

Declan: *secretive smile*

Darcy: *exasperated sigh*

TEAM B and TEAM A are tied, and go onto the questionnaire round. Between A) Sports, B)Current events and Politics, C) Literature and D) General Knowledge, which topic do each Team choose?

Team A chooses General Knowledge, Team B chooses Literature.

Question Giver: What is the name of a yellow fruit?

Declan: ORANGE.

Question Giver: Seriously?

TEAM A and TEAM B swap a member, who and why?

Alice and Dorado. That means that Team A is now Declan, Darcy and Dorado (Team D) and Team B is Alice, Damien (family) and Artemis.

Declan: Ha! We’re the D team, b!tches!

Darcy: *irritated sigh*

Between TEAM A and TEAM B who would win the last challenge of an obstacle course relay race?

That’s difficult. In Team A/D, Darcy and Dorado are good, but Declan would trip over everything. And in Team B, Alice and Artemis are alright, but Damien would be too stressed. Probably Team B.

Declan: *finishes* Now it’s time for count the cuts and bruises!

How does the winning Team celebrate?

Alice and Damien cheer, Artemis reads a book.

Declan: What? We lost?

Darcy: Yes.

Declan: *pouting* No fair!

Do both teams remain friends, or is it time for Round 2?!

They go back to their respective universes and never see each other again.

Alice: Bye guys!

Damien: It was nice meeting you all.

Declan: Sayonara b!tches!

Artemis: Goodbye.

Darcy: Sorry about Declan. Also, goodbye.

Dorado: ... *holds up chainsaw*

I tag :iconpallasrain: pallasrain and :iconlirurules: LiruRules

Please leave feedback on what you thought of this, Robin and Liet!

And everyone else, I guess.

Bye for now!


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  • Reading: Nightmare Movies
  • Playing: Cat Mario
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